Techn. Details

Chemical composition and suitability, typical applications, coefficients of friction, coat properties, workpiece dimensions etc.

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Beginning with consultation through production to delivery of the workpiece. Our top priority: 100% quality

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Tradition meets innovation! For the past 90 years and through several generations we refine surfaces of many different industries.

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For questions, suggestions or requests, we always hesitate to our office hours - or use our inquiry form.

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Dear Sir and Madam,

the specialists for electroless nickel plating, chrome plating and grinding.
We finish industrial products from press cylinders to tool tables for a variety of industrial sectors. For this reason, your workpieces live longer and turn out more reliable.

With maximum surface hardness and excellent anti-corrosive properties. Created just for demanding industrial applications. Surface finishing in top quality with the best materials, always keeping in line with the most sophisticated research and technology - since over 90 years.

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Schröder
- Managing Directors -

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