The self-lubricating layer.


What is KANIFLON®?

KANIFLON® is an internationally renowned brand name for a chemically precipitated nickel dispersion coat. By dispersion layer is meant a uniformly distributed incorporation of minute, non-metallic particles in the KANIGEN® matrix.

In KANIFLON®, additional unique properties are added to the excellent properties of the KANIGEN® base by the incorporation of about 20 vol.% PTFE.

Our technique guarantees uniform layer thicknesses even in strongly structured surfaces. Reproducible quality is another essential factor of our KANIFLON® technology.


Total properties:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Reduced coefficient of friction
  • Hydrophobic properties offer problem solutions in lubrication, friction, adhesion, wear and corrosion in almost all industrial sectors.

With KANIFLON®, you have a sophisticated system adapted to the current demand for innovative surface technology. Because, KANIFLON® is always in the process of advanced development spending tremendous time and effort.

With KANIFLON®, you are using the chemically precipitated nickel-PTFE layer with the longest experience worldwide.

The advantages

Cost reduction

  • Enables the use of low-quality base material
  • Simplifies production, particularly in the area of chipping
  • Offers optimum material combination possibilities
  • Enables the recovery of the target state
  • A uniformity and accuracy of layer up to ±2 % saves reworking
  • High availability in terms of scarce resources

Quality enhancement

  • Coating quality reproducible at the same level
  • Competitive advantages by the increase in product quality
  • High dimension accuracy of the KANIFLON® layer up to ±2 %
  • Product features are positively modified
  • Reduces adhesion through its hydrophobic property
  • Significantly reduces static friction
  • Protects against "seizing" due to lubricant failure
  • Protects against corrosion and pollution
  • Arrests wear of the carrier material
  • Offers excellent dry operation properties

Excellent long-term properties
The incorporated PTFE particles by its "depot" effect guarantee a 100% functionality of the layer till its complete removal.

The features

Corrosion behaviour

As dispersion layer for specific application areas with problems of friction, adhesion and wear, KANIFLON® additionally offers an excellent corrosion protection. The attained test values are comparable with the values of our KANIGEN® method. By the incorporated PTFE, the values are consistently favourable.

Coefficients of friction

The low coefficient of friction of KANIFLON® is required if:

  • Moving parts should guarantee their functions even after long downtimes
  • Guidances, connections, joints, hinges, pistons, etc., rattle, jam, squeak, or tend to similarly undesirable occurrences
  • The run-in period of components should be completed under easier, optimum conditions
  • Lubrication systems are too expensive, too delicate, too maintenance-intensive, or not at all possible
  • Lubrication systems have failed

Layer thickness

  • Constant tolerance till ±2 %
  • Maximum limit 25 μm in layer combination with KANIGEN® ∞

Operating temperature

Max. 250 °C in application


  • In deposition state about 300 – 350 HV 0.05
  • After heat treatment about 290 °C about 400 – 450 HV 0.05

Specific weight

About 7.85 g/cm³

Adhesive strength

Up to 440 N/mm² depending on base material

Composition and effect

Diagram of the multi-level structure and effect of the dispersion layer KANISIL®.

Our obtained practical values correspond to the general state of the technology and the specifications of DIN EN ISO 4527.

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