Tradition meets innovation!

Surface finishing
for generations.

We are focusing on the refinement of metallic surfaces for 90 years now. Our services are sought after in Germany as well as abroad. This applies to almost any area of business, to all kinds of components and problems. We consider ourselves to be service providers and accept the constant challenge to offer you the perfect solution - both in technical and economical terms. To this end, we are investing in innovative engineering services and trained personnel.

You can only profit from our close cooperation with Universities and independent organisations, which allows us to act as your competent partner in the field of surface refinement at all times.

Protection against corrosion and abrasion lies at the centre of our attention. This is particularly applied to parts from the sectors aerospace, electrical engineering, vacuum technology, chemicals, printing, paper industry, plastics, nuclear industry, navy, textiles and automotive.

The range of treated parts spans shafts, rollers, moulds, single and mass-produced items as well as repair parts. There is hardly any type of problem we cannot solve.

Our Kanigen® family with its variations Kanisil®, Kanisil® Plus, Kaniflon®, Kanichrom®, but also hard chrome plating and precision grinding are all at your disposal.

  • 1926: Establishment of the company through Mr. Heinrich Schnarr.
  • 1934: Specialisation on hard hard chrome plating of measurement devices.
  • 1944: Complete destruction of the company
  • 1948: The two sons Hermann and August Schnarr join the company
  • 1958: New company headquarters in Mainaschaff
  • 1971: Market launch of KANIGEN®
  • 1977: Development and market launch of Kanisil®, Kaniflon® and Kanichrom®
  • 1978: Mr. Eugen Schnarr joins the company, who acts as the sole managing partner today.
  • 1984: Construction of a hard chroming plant for parts up to 20 t.
  • 1986: Expansion of the Kanisil® plant to a bath volume of 2 x 6.000 l.
  • 1987: Expansion of the Kaniflon® plant to a bath volume of 3.000 l.
  • 1990: Expansion of the Kanigen® plant to a bath volume of 55.000 l.
  • 2000: Extension of the roll grinding machine, allowing for processing of parts up to 13 metres in size and 1,4 metres in diameter.
  • 2005: Commissioning of the new hard chrome bath with horizontally rotating refinement.
  • 2009: Capacity expansion of the Kanigen® plant for treatment of piston rods
  • 2015: Extension of the belt grinding machine for treatment of piston rods
  • 2016: Progress without standstill...