The layer with the extraordinary properties!


What is KANIGEN®?

KANIGEN® is a world-renowned brand name for electroless nickel of top quality. With KANIGEN® you have a sophisticated system adapted to current demands. Because, KANIGEN® is always in the process of advanced development spending tremendous time and effort.

The KANIGEN®-Technology

guarantees uniform layer thicknesses even in strongly structured surfaces, as the known disadvantages of the method with external power sources do not appear. Reproducible quality is another essential factor of our KANIGEN® technique.

Due to its specific properties, KANIGEN® enables economic solutions in almost all industrial sectors. With KANIGEN® you are using the most experienced chemical-nickel process – worldwide as well as in Germany – in the industrial large-scale application.

The advantages

Cost reduction

  • Enables the use of low-quality base material
  • Simplifies production, particularly in the area of chipping
  • Increases holding times
  • Enables the recovery of the target state
  • A uniformity and accuracy of layer up to ±2 % saves reworking
  • High availability in terms of scarce resources

Quality enhancement

  • Coating quality reproducible at the same level
  • Competitive advantages by the increase in product quality
  • High dimension accuracy of the KANIGEN® layer up to ±2 %
  • Coating quality testable according to DIN
  • Optimum adaptation to the respective application conditions
  • Product features are positively modified
  • A very thin layer undertakes additional functions for the base material
  • Extensively independent of materials (even non-metals)
  • Protection against corrosion, wear and pollutions
  • It is the adhesive base for soldering agents and subsequent coatings
  • It is the intermediate layer for porous or fissured end coats

The features

Corrosion behaviour

Our results from tests according to DIN and in-house test series are based on coatings from the ongoing production and are dependent on the base material – without test-directed treatment or selection of workpieces. For this reason the transferability in practice is guaranteed. The KANIGEN® technique offers you this security.

Coefficients of friction

KANIGEN® againstLubricatedNon-lubricated
galv. Nickel0,26Seizing
Cast iron0,080,16
Compare. steel with steel0,2Seizing


  • In the deposition state up to 2.2 % under stress without crack formation
  • Up to 6 % according to heat treatment
  • After heat treatment from about 600 °C like base material


  • Almost nonmagnetic in the deposition state
  • After heat treatment till 140 oersted coercive force


  • X-ray amorphous in the deposition state
  • Alteration through heat treatment with simultaneous influence on hardness and ductility

Layer thickness

  • Constant tolerance of ±2 %
  • Maximum limit ∞
  • Recommended corrosion exposure:
    - Mild: 2 µm bis < 10 µm
    - Moderate: 10 µm bis < 25 µm
    - Strong: 25 µm bis < 50 µm
    - Very Strong: ≥ 50 µm

Our obtained practical values correspond to the general state of technology and the specifications of the DIN EN
ISO 4527. Further detailed information can be found in our technology brochure.


Up to about 60 μm Ω x cm²/cm


About 890 °C

Melting point

About 7,9 g/cm³

Adhesive strength

  • Up to about 440 N/mm² according to base material and heat treatment
  • From about 600 °C heat treatment, the layer partially diffuses in the base material

Coefficients of wear

Coefficients of wear according to Taber 1,000 g/1,000 URemoval in g
In deposition state9 - 10
After heat treatment at about 290 °C4 - 5


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