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KANIGEN® is the German abbreviation of "catalytic nickel generation".

The brand name KANIGEN® is internationally renowned as the most tested and proven method of electroless nickel plating. From the basic KANIGEN® process two methods were developed with great effort and money: KANISIL® and KANIFLON®. The combination processes KANICHROM® und KANISIL®PLUS developed in combination with hard chrome.

The KANIGEN® group guarantees uniform layer thicknesses and offers an ideal solution for wear and corrosion problems in always reproducible quality of the highest level.

With its aid, increases in service life can be achieved with simultaneous cost reduction by the use of low-quality base material. Almost all materials can be finished. In addition to the KANIGEN® coatings, also executes hard chrome plating and all upstream and downstream processing such as grinding, polishing, finishing, as well as corund or glass-ball blasting.

Processing of large-dimensioned workpieces and repairs with accurate-to-dimension coat application are our specialities.

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