So, all runs round the workpiece and order:

Surface treatment and
grinding at one stop.

For the electroless nickel plating and chrome plating we use exclusive, patented and protected processes:

The baths are arranged by us; their quality is continuously monitored and controlled. Because, it is important for us to master this process already by chemical engineering.

This is the only way to keep our promise to actually deliver 100% quality. Moreover, in combination with hard chrome, workpieces obtain a yet larger, multilayered application range. Talk to us and our specialists will tell you the advantages and potentials.

We’d be glad to also grant your workpieces the last grinding. After the surface treatment your workpiece straightaway goes to our grinding machine. Thus you spare not only an additional supplier, but also unnecessary regulation and control expenditure in addition to valuable time!

We bring your shafts, rollers, cylinders – in short everything that should run round – in top form.
In precision grinding, from fine to mirror gloss finish with surface finishes up to Ra < 0.01 µm.

We process:

  • Workpieces up to ~13 metres long,
  • ~1,4 metre diameter,
  • and up to ~25 tonnes weight.

For special sizes, we endeavour to find a solution.
Just talk to us!