Catalogue of Requirements

for the Provision of Materials

For optimal processing it is necessary to specify the delivered condition of the workpieces. The following requirements must be met:

1. Material

  • Exact material and hardness specifications
  • Homogeneous material structure
  • No cavities, pores, grinding marks, foreign matter, mill scale, cracks, damage
  • Rz < 2 μm
  • Avoid cavities and blind holes
  • No material distortion
  • Avoid different material combinations
  • No joints or overlaps
  • No contamination by corrosion products
  • No residues from mechanical pre-treatment
  • Welding seams should be continuous
  • Demagnetised

2. Pre-grinding

  • Prevent localised overheating
  • Apply sufficient cooling lubricant
  • No cooling agents containing silicone, molybdenum, graphite or sulphur
  • Avoid embedded particles by firing without infeed
  • No residual turning marks

3. Pre-polishing

  • No polishing agents containing silicone, molybdenum, graphite or sulphur
  • Improper polishing leads to grease and polishing agent working into the surface

4. Preservation

  • Avoid the following ingredients:
    • Metal soaps
    • Alkali soaps
    • Sulphurated oils
    • Chlorinated substances
    • Natural oils (rapeseed ester)
    • Ester oils
    • Waxes and fats with a melting point > 50°C
    • Zinc
    • Silicones
  • Recommended ingredients:
    • Mineral oils, not pre-emulsified
    • Paraffin oils
    • Fatty alcohols
  • Sufficient mechanical protection (transport damage)
  • Intact packaging (reuse for return)
  • Avoid corrugated cardboard packaging


You can download the catalog of requirements here:

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