Convincing values and characteristics.

Chemical composition and suitability

CoatCompositionRecommended against
KANIGEN®Electroless nickel, a nickel-phosphorus alloy (about. 90 % Ni, 10 % P)Corrosion, wear
KANISIL®KANIGEN® with 20-25 Vol. % SiC-IncorporationWear,corrosion
KANISIL®PLUSCombination coat KANIGEN®, KANISIL® and/or hard chromeWear, corrosion, adhesion
KANICHROM®Combination coat KANIGEN® and hard chromeCorrosion,wear
KANIFLON®KANIGEN® with 20 Vol.-% PTFE incorporationAdhesion, seizing, corrosion
Hard chromehard chrome plating – proven since 80 years – in different versions such as for e.g. double chrome and multi chromeWear, corrosion, adhesion

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