Convincing values and characteristics.

Typical applications

Automotive industryParts for brakes, cylinder liners, core moulds for foundries, foam moulds
Chemical industryFilter parts, diverse milling, screw conveyor, compressors
Printing andpaper industryGravure, plate and impression cylinders, calendar roll, thrust bearing, glue application roller, brush roller and embossing roller, wiper, paper cutting table
Petroleum industryPlug valves for oil and gas pipes, components for meters, pipelines
Foundry and model makingCore boxes, sand casting moulds, models
Food industryBlenders, kneaders, measuring devices, separators, presses, transporting devices
Plastic industrySmoothing rolls, perforated sheets, moulded tools, extruder nozzles, spirals and housings, calibrations
Mechanical engineering industryPump shafts, piston rods, components for hydraulic engineering, ball-bearing components, springs, valves, frames, plates, oil troughs
Nuclear industryPipelines, stop valves, compensator parts
Aerospace/Aircraft constructionParts for hydraulic engineering, control elements, valves, modules, aluminium structures
ShipbuildingShafts, rollers
Textile industryBobbins, eyelets, thread castors, rollers, godets, extension tracks
Vacuum technologyDry pumps, diffusion pumps

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